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Logo Design - A brand is like your thumb print.

A brand or logo design plays a significant role in creating your corporate identity - or brand personality

A brand is fundamental to the success of your business; the time and effort is well deserved in developing your branding.

Once an identity has been established, the logo is then applied to other marketing materials like stationery, brochures, business cards, signage, banners, point of sale items, packaging and a website - all referred to as collateral. 

A professionally designed brochure with relevant text and images will help define your brand personality.

Consider the strategic marketing used by companies with the array of advertising you see on a day to day basis - a bag from a trade show or retail store, bill boards, vehicle signage.

Brand Development

Every interaction with your company leaves a footprint... be it muddy or clear.  Customers factor the brand into their purchases, however, they not only buy your products or services, they also buy your reputation, promises and what your brand represents.   

When developing your brand it should be able to communicate your values, philosophy as well as its personality immediately.

We talk you through choosing colours - their symbolism,  personality and mood they can evoke, typeface, symbol or wordmark.   Your brand should be unique; the colours and style should clearly reflect that.

Keep It Consistent - Have a Style Guide.

You've gone to so much trouble getting your brand identity created, and you don't want to have it misrepresented in any way. Image Identity can create a Style guide that clearly shows how all your communications remain consistent with the same 'look and feel'.

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Brand Strategy

'Synergy' is the key.  Simply defined, it means that the whole is greater than the individual parts. Your marketing framework consists of
  • Brand and Corporate Identity
  • Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Strategy
Branding is the sum total of a company's identity - from its name and logo to every piece of communication, internal or external - to every encounter every customer or potential customer has with it.

Image Identity can assist you to:
  • Build a brand to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Develop strategies to effectively market your brand to potential customers
  • Position your business to create new possibilities
  • Develop a direct mail campaign (online or print), which is still by far the the best method to reach your target market
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Graphic Design

Colour and style

The decision to buy is more often than not a spontaneous one.  Your logo should be unique and identify your core values. 

Your input is very important to our formula to establish or  re-energise your business. We research your target market, your industry and your competitors.  

Image Identity can design your logo from a sketch, a photograph or even your verbal abstract ideas.
Sometimes your existing logo just needs a little tweak - we can enhance and improve your current logo to create a more professional image.

We will provide you with concept designs that relate to the mood and complexity of the brand.  We maintain regular communication throughout the whole design process so that we capture exactly what you're after.

Considerations for your logo.

We have a great deal of experience with logo design.  Consideration must be given to:

  • Choosing the right colour/s
  • The emotion you want to evoke
  • Design complexity for signage and other media
  • The primary audience who will make a conscious decision to purchase from your brand
  • Various formats required by graphic designers, print companies, electronic media etc.
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Marketing Collateral

We have the passion and commitment to deliver on time and of course with great design.

How Image Identity can help you:

From concepts to developing your brand identity through to printing your marketing communications, and a true on line business with full email marketing and customer relationship features.  

  • Annual reports that are clear and concise.

  • Brochure design - well-designed brochure that doesn't get thrown in the waste paper basket.

  • Professional company profiles to instill confidence - a required item if you're targeting government or  corporate sectors.

  • Postcards and direct mail - professionally designed material with 'call to action' and attention grabbing graphics.

  • Product Catalogues that feature your products to its best advantage.

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Corporate Image

Branded Promotional Clothing and Products.

Your brand and logo are your most valuable assets.  We care about your branding and have access to great suppliers and embroiderers.  

A successful marketing campaign requires many elements to work effectively.  Most importantly, the selected products and services must be of an appropriate quality and reliability for your target audience.  

We work with you.

We work with you to select the most appropriate form of promotional product, corporate gift or workwear to suit.

We are in the process of building our online store.  Until completed please visit out friends and send us a note for a quote.  I believe you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Our associates include:


Johnny Bobbin Workwear
Polo's, tees, shirts, hospitality, knitwear, jackets, leisurewear, poly fleece, workwear and an excellent range of hi-vis safety clothing... visit site

Fashionbiz BIZCollection
Polo's, tees, shirts, hospitality, knitwear, jackets, leisurewear, poly fleece and workwear... visit site

Lasting Impressions
Business card holders, pens, keyrings, picnic sets, golf set and much more... visit site

Grace Collection
- off-the-shelf or custom made to your requirements. Bags and Accessories
Sports and carry bags, conference and business accessories, cooler bags, towels, water bottles and more.. visit site

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Designing graphics for Corporate Identity
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